Here are some paid search campaign secrets that can save you money that you may now be wasting on your PPC advertising. Newcomers to paid search campaigns could be wasting as much as 75% of their paid search budgets by not properly setting up cutting edge tracking. The return on investment on spent advertising, can be easily done by search engine, keyword, ad groups, and campaign tracking.

The basic idea is to find out what is working in your paid search campaign, and what is not. Whey you first initiate a paid search campaign; make sure you spend time building HUGE keyword lists. THINK BIG when it comes to this. The more keywords you have available to you, the more opportunities you have for lower keyword sales.

You can use advanced keyword research tools, preferably those offered by the search engines themselves, to refine and condense your list into smaller, targeted keyword lists. When you develop a master list you are finally comfortable with; take a minute to put yourself into your prospect’s shoes, and answer this question: Will the person searching for this keyword, buy what I have to offer?

Always use this test for your keywords. If you think that the person searching for that particular keyword might buy your product, then use the keyword, and test it. If you do not think the person would buy what your have to offer, then discard the keyword and don’t use it! Another paid search campaign secret that can save you money and dramatically improve your click through rate, is to set up only small ad groups.

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